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‘Dumbo’ Producers on How Tim Burton Drew from His Animation Background for the Live-Action Remake

From visionary director Tim Burton, the live-action telling of the beloved classic Dumbo celebrates differences while also exploring the importance of family, both by blood and by circumstance. When circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) appoints former horse-riding star Holt Farrier

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Stunt Driver on Life in the Fast Lane of Animation

Ralph Breaks the Internet features some of the most exciting driving sequences in any animated film, bar none. The scenes, which center around driving throughout the GTA inspired racing game Slaughter Race, have a weight to them that most animated films just never manage to deliver. A major rea

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Studio Ghibli: El mejor estudio de animación

Studio Ghibli es considerado uno de los mejores productores de anime a nivel mundial. Ha conseguido este reconocimiento gracias a sus grandes películas. Su director, Hayao Miyazaki, destaca por el éxito que cosecha en todos sus films. Parece tener la receta del éxito. Casi la totalidad

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